Episode 6: Midge Dellinger on Authentic Remembrance of Indigenous Ancestors and History

Episode 6: Midge Dellinger

Historian Midge Dellinger is a Muscogee citizen and oral historian for the Muscogee Nation. At the core of her work as an Indigenous historian, Midge advocates for an authentic remembrance of Indigenous ancestors. Her work focuses on the need for a revised and expanded rendering of America’s long-standing hegemonic narrative concerning Indigenous and U.S. histories. Midge is currently engaged in projects that shed light on the disconnects between Indigenous histories/peoples and public memory.

Reference links include:

“Names to faces: Uncovering The University of Tulsa’s Indigenous history” (April 2021), https://artsandsciences.utulsa.edu/turc-stevens-presbyterian-school-indians/

Muscogee (Creek) Nation National Library and Archives receives grant” (January 2021)

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