Episode 13: John Little on Creating Change and Awareness through Indigenous-Centered Projects

Episode 13: Dr. John Little on Creating Change and Awareness through Indigenous Centered-Projects

Join us as we speak with Dr. John Little, a Standing Rock Dakota, about his research, work, and various projects which support Native Americans. Dr. John Little is currently the Director of Native Recruitment and Alumni Engagement at the University of South Dakota. He earned his Ph.D. in History at the University of Minnesota. His dissertation is titled, “Vietnam Akíčita: Lakota And Dakota Military Tradition In The Twentieth Century,” which examines Native American Vietnam War veteran and military experiences.

He has taught in Native American Studies, Leadership and Sustainability, and History. He has also developed a variety of student success and retention programs and developed national and statewide recruitment networks for students. He was a past director of the Indian University of North America, a Native American college readiness program for high school graduates at the Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota. His interests are broad but include history, Native student success and retention, leadership, education, Native Studies, Lakota and Dakota language, and film. He has co-directed a feature length award winning film, titled More Than A Word, and several other short pieces. His film work has supported the movement to change the name of the Washington national football team mascot, emphasizing issues about Native American-themed mascots and cultural appropriation.

Official Website of More Than A Word (2017) directed by Kenn Little and John Little: http://morethanawordfilm.com/

The Indian University of North America

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