Episode 21: Reconceiving School through Indigenous Education with Meredith McCoy and Matthew Villeneuve

Click this link to listen to Episode 21: Reconceiving School through Indigenous Education with Meredith McCoy and Matthew Villeneuve

Listen to a conversation with Meredith McCoy and Matthew Villeneuve about historical and current strategies that Indigenous people used to repurpose the educational systems for Indigenous well-being. In this episode, we are also joined by a student audience Q&A. 

Meredith McCoy is an Assistant Professor of American Studies and History at Carleton College. She is of Turtle Mountain Ojibwe descent, and her father, David McCoy, is an enrolled Turtle Mountain citizen. Meredith’s research examines how Indigenous families, educators, and community leaders have long repurposed tools of settler colonial educational violence into tools for Indigenous life. Her first book, a history of Indigenous strategizing in federal education funding and policy, is currently under contract with the University of Nebraska Press. 

Matt Villeneuve (Turtle Mountain Chippewa descent) is Assistant Professor of U.S. History and American Indian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he teaches courses in American Indian History, Native education, and environmental history. His research focuses on Native histories of education and schooling. His current book project, “Instrumental Indians: John Dewey and the Problem of the Frontier, 1884-1959,” is an intellectual history of America’s most prominent philosopher of education and democracy and his relationship to the anti-democratic nature of federal Indian schooling.

Recommended Sources:

Meredith L. McCoy and Matthew Villeneuve, “Reconceiving Schooling: Centering Indigenous Experimentation in Indian Education History,” History of Education Quarterly 60, no. 4 (November 2020): 487-519.

“Publications and Digital Projects,” Dr. Meredith McCoy website, https://meredithmccoy.com/publications/.

“Publications,” Matt Villeneuve website, https://mattvilleneuvephd.com/publications/.

Meredith McCoy’s conversation with Roy Taylor on KFAI’s Indigeneity

McCoy’s Op-Ed in The Hechinger Report

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